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Thiel Engineering was founded in 1995 as a small engineering and consulting business specializing in containment system engineering and construction management. Thiel Engineering's success in launching this business and managing it for over twenty years has been a direct result of Richard Thiel's committment to personalized engineering services that aim to meet client needs.  Thiel Engineering has shied away from commodity-style services, focusing instead on providing high value for those clients that appreciate that level of committment.  In this manner, we have managed to uphold our high standards of customer service and quality while maintaining a viable business.

For the first decade of business, clients were almost exclusively a mix of large private industrial firms and also other engineering companies who valued the specialized input that Thiel Engineering could provide.  During the second decade of our firm's existence, we have established the same types of working relationships with governmental jurisdications, such as counties and districts, as we have valued with our private clients.

Most of our work has been repeat business, with new business often obtained by references or reputation. We have maintained a steady participation in national and international conferences and are well connected with academia involved in the area of containment system engineering. We also regularly provide educational courses and training as part of our business. 

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