Relevant Project Experience

Instructor Experience:

Two-year contract to provide training service and instructor support to California State and Regional Water Board personnel.  Instruction consists of 2-day courses, webinars, and individual instruction services on the subject of containment liner system design and construction reviews for landfills, mining, pond, and gas control projects.

Instructor for American Society of Civil Engineer’s short course on Design of Waste Containment Liner and Final Cover Systems, and many other courses. See 'Conferences and Teaching Courses'

Design, Construction, and Project-Management Experience:

Consultant for lining system design for gypsum stacks in Brazil (2016).

Recognized national expert for fueling depot secondary containment lining systems for BNSF railroad tasked with providing design review services and CQA services directly to BNSF  as well as to its general civil consulting engineers on dozens of facilities nationwide from 2007 to the present.

Project manager, designer, and CQA management for new thirteen-acre Cell 7 at the Cowlitz County Headquarters landfill; project included mass earthworks, large diameter long stormwater conveyance pipe set in CDF, geotechnical field and laboratory investigations, ground water hydraulic gradient system controls, composite liner and leachate collection system, landfill gas, storm water, concrete channel, and road infrastructure upgrades. (2014-2016)


Project manager and designer for new Cell 6 at the Cowlitz County Headquarters landfill;  provided fast-track design and CQA management and certification for new 2.5-acre cell to allow the new owner to begin operations and followed immediately with a six-acre cell addition; concurrently provided overall client services for new landfill gas flare and  header system, SCADA system, design and construction, and air permitting and risk evaluation. (2014).  Work include geotechical investigations and analyses, design of ground water hydraulic gradient control system, mass earthworks, new liner and leachate collection system, and roads.  

Engineer for Preliminary Engineering and Design Report for new 16-mile 8”-dia leachate force main and pump station. Performed hydraulic analyses, pump selection, pump station design, pipeline alignment and profile design, and preliminary construction cost estimate to transfer leachate from Headquarters Landfill in the Mt Saint Helens Tree Farm to the POTW in Kelso, WA. Work included evaluations of alternative alignments, preliminary evaluation of soils and geologic hazards, evaluation of methods of construction, cost estimates, and support for SEPA process. Continuing work as Quality Control reviewer for final design in 2013.  Pipeline was successfully constructed in 2014-15 and is now in operation.

Engineer for new master plan and re-permitting to change regional forest-products industrial landfill in SW Washington to regional county-owned MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) landfill; work included coordinating with SEPA requirements, revising engineering report including slope stability analyses and alternative liner demonstration, estimating development costs, and following closure and post-closure procedure.  Permitting and preliminary engineering work occurred from 2011 to 2013.

Expert reviewer for lining and monofilling of wastewater treatment ponds and solids in northeast Portland, OR as subconsultant to Brown & Caldwell.  CQA Certifying Engineer for lining sludge monofill for the City of Portland’s Triangle Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant (2013), and CQA for lining Phases 3 and 4 settlement lagoons (2015).

Engineer for Lane County Solid Waste Management division of Public Works Department;  provided annual opinions of cost for landfill closure and thirty-year post-closure period; designed new 1.3 MM gallon leachate holding tank, new pump station, and integrated piping infrastructure (2013-2016); provided permitting, design and construction management for 9 acre piggyback liner system for Phase V-B (2014-15);  provided permitting and design for 17 acre closure of Phase III landfill (2009); provided permitting, design and construction management for 17 acre double-lined Phase V landfill cell and pump station (2007); provided permitting, design and construction management for 19 acre closure of Phase I/II landfill using innovative 2-season construction approach (2006-2007); provided past master planning for that site as well as site fill and master planning (2006) at their Short Mountain Landfill; assisted with resolution and trial testing of reverse-osmosis leachate treatment plant including residuals management (2003-2015).  In addition, coordinated ground water monitoring, landfill gas systems, annual volume estimates for waste and leachate, leachate management planning, and construction services for their active and closed landfill facilities around Lane County (2003-2015).

Solid waste engineer consultant for the Coffin Butte Regional Landfill in Benton County, Oregon for 20 years from 1995 to 2014.  Provided services to plan, permit, design, and provided construction certification services for 6 new double-lined landfill cells, 5 landfill closures, two new double-lined leachate ponds,  floating covers and inflated cover for leachate ponds, leachate evaporation system, four leachate pump stations and pipelines, permitting and design for a direct/reverse osmosis leachate treatment facility complete with residuals management program, master plan updates, stormwater management plans and infrastructure design, geotechnical investigations and analyses for all of the above.

Engineer for development of proprietary under-slab methane collection system for building construction around the City of Los Angeles.

Engineer for permitting, design, and construction of water-balance cover for 25-acre old landfill in Cody, WY (2016).

Design engineer for water-balance final cover, including silva-culture considerations, for old forest products 45-acre landfill in NW Washington; project permitting through construction (2013-16).

Engineer for preparation of landfill master plan, design engineer for ACAP (Alternative Covers Assessment Program) closure for existing landfill, and design engineer for construction drawings for first and second cells of new landfill Phases 1 and 2 for Johnson County in Wyoming near Buffalo, WY.  Assisted with preparation of project contract documents 2014, and construction inspections which was successfully completed in 2015.

Design Review of final cover system, construction review, and CQA assistance for closure of Monsanto phosphate mine tailings in Idaho over multi-year period, reporting to Bureau of Land Management (2013-2016).

Slope-stability review for 140-ac 420-foot high silver/gold heap on composite liner system in Nevada.

Expert design peer review, and construction certifying engineer, for 150-acre valley-style heap-leach pad for Carlota Copper Company in Miami, AZ over a 4-year period, with periodic consultation after that. Project review and CQA involved composite GCL and 80-mil LLDPE liner over 175 acres, double liner with leak detection system over 15 acres, two double-lined ponds, 90-million gallon double-lined containment pond, HDPE lining of concrete tanks for the SX/EW process solutions, and stormwater improvements for contact- and non-contact waters.

Provided review of master-plan layout for new Waste Management Facility (WMF) on Grand Cayman Island. Thiel’s master-plan suggestions were accepted for moving forward with the project, and Thiel is provided support to the EIS process.

Provided engineering design drawings for secondary leak detection and collection system below concrete roll-off container pads used below public dumping Z-walls for Oregon central valley landfill. Also provided construction design and specifications for stormwater pump station and force main to transfer stormwater collected from these pads to the leachate ponds.

Engineer of record for engineering design and operations plan to permit two double-lined ponds in McKinley, New Mexico for the temporary storage and evaporation of by-product waste water from a proposed facility that uses in-situ leaching for the extraction of uranium. The liquids to be contained in the ponds would be the concentrate from reverse-osmosis filtration units. The design consisted of two double-lined HDPE ponds, about 3 acres each (nominally 10 million gallons capacity each, plus 3 ft freeboard), with incorporation of perimeter-mounted liquid atomizers to enhance evaporation. The ponds were designed with special provisions to be constructed over soils that could potentially collapse when saturated.

Construction certifying engineer for three separate hazardous waste landfill expansion cells utilizing double-composite liners in eastern Oregon over an 8-year period.  The lower liners required 3 feet of compacted clay, and a seal double-ring infiltrometer test was required for the initial cell.

Engineer for preparation of landfill master plan, design engineer for ACAP (Alternative Covers Assessment Program) closure for existing landfill, and design engineer for construction drawings for first and second cells of new landfill Phases 1 and 2 for Johnson County in Wyoming near Buffalo, WY.  Assisted with preparation of project contract documents 2014, and construction inspections which was successfully completed in 2015.

Provide liner inspections services for landfill in Vietnam.

Engineer for successful alternative cover (ACAP) permitting for MSW landfill in Spokane, Washington.

Provided construction drawings and specifications for final cover construction of landfill in Wamsutter, WY.

Provided expert review and opinion, in conjunction with Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, on controversial final cover project for Tullamarine hazardous waste landfill in Melbourne, Australia.  Our team opinions were favorably received at all levels.

Expert witness for litigation of geotechnical aspects of C&D landfill reclamation project in New Mexico.

Certifying Engineer for confined disposal facility (CDF) pond liners on Superfund project for the Spring Creek Sediment project near Redding, CA. Worked as first-tier contractor under CH2M Hill, provided design review recommendation, construction CQA, and final certification.

Expert review for lining and monfilling of wastewater treatment ponds and solids in NE Portland, OR.

Expert for Defendant in preparation of litigation for failed wastewater treatment pond liner in Idaho.

Construction certifying engineer, and peer reviewer, for 6 large (75 acre each) lined tertiary treated-water storage ponds for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. The projects, located in the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, CA, involved approximately 3 million cubic yards of embankment, 450 acres of 60- and 80-mil HDPE geomembrane installation, large pipe penetrations, and soil-cement armoring.

Project manager for successful water-balance alternative cover permitted in central Washington Wenatchee landfill. Tasks involve soil resource investigation, laboratory testing of soil-water characteristics, water-balance modeling, and design and CQA reports for regulatory approval.

Slope stability analysis and review for variations is proposed landfill master plan expansions schemes over a 12 year period at the Dry Creek Landfill in Medford, Oregon.

Provided expert peer review for a superfund landfill closure design of a Weyerhaesuer landfill in Kalamazoo.

Provided expert testimony on liner systems for a public hearing for a landfill expansion in McMinville, Oregon.

Engineer for geotechnical investigation and foundation recommendations for gas-to-energy plant at a landfill in eastern Oregon.

Certifying engineer-of-record for CQA of 4-acre composite liner expansion for a landfill near Spokane, WA.

Preparation of landfill master plan for Park County in Wyoming for an existing landfill site near Cody, WY. Master plan included preliminary design of first lined cell slated for construction two years later, and filling in new cell began 7 years later.  Currently developing permitting and construction plans for water-balance final cover of the old landfill at this site.

Expert review of geotechnical investigation, settlement calculations, and stability analyses for a new landfill in Brevard County, Florida.

Development of preliminary grading and liner system design for a system of 500 acres of evaporation ponds for a potash mine in New Mexico.

Design and certifying engineer-of-record for 16 acre landfill expansion (Cell 5) for Weyerhaeuser landfill near Longview, WA. Design and CM for this cell occurred over a 3 ye3ar period. 2011.

Construction certifying engineer and design review for a series of 5 double-lined evaporation ponds and sumps, ranging in size from 5 to 20 acres, over a 5 year period for oil-and-gas production water in central Wyoming.

Design engineer, and certifying engineer of record for the following projects in 2007: 4 acre composite liner expansion for Weyerhaeuser landfill near Longview WA; 5-acre closure for Coffin Butte Landfill near Corvallis OR; 16-ac double-lined landfill expansion near Eugene OR.

Certifying engineer of record in 2007 for 16-acre composite liner expansion for Module 12 at CRLF in Arlington OR.

Design engineer and construction certifying engineer of record for the following projects in 2006: 20-acre Short Mountain Landfill Phase 1/2 Final Cover System; 5-acre Coffin Butte Landfill Cell 3D Phase 1 double lined bottom liner; 33-acre Arlington Landfill Alternative Final Cover System (evapo-transpiration cover).

Peer reviewer and 2005 certifying construction engineer for Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Calabasas North Ridge Phase 1 Liner System. Reviewed plans and specifications, and acted as CQA project manager and certifying engineer for 22 acre expansion in conjunction with Vector Engineering. Also performed same certifying engineer function for the 18-acre expansion at this site in 2006 and again in 2008.

Certifying construction engineer for the following 2005 construction projects: North Marion County Disposal Facility Cell 3 Closure near Salem, Oregon; Cell 3C Phase 2 double-lined landfill expansion for Coffin Butte Landfill near Corvallis, Oregon; Module 11 composite liner at the Columbia Ridge Landfill near Arlington, Oregon; .

Design engineer for projects in 2006: 1) Master plan and closure plan update for landfill in Missoula, MT; 2) 5-acre double-lined cell expansion, and 5-acre partial final closure design for Coffin Butte regional landfill near Corvallis, OR; 20-acre closure for Short Mountain landfill in Eugene, OR; 20-acre alternative final cover design for construction at CRLF in eastern Oregon.

Design engineer for projects for 2005: 1) 5-acre composite lined landfill expansion in Missoula, MT; 2) 4-acre cell expansion design for regional landfill near Corvallis, OR; permitting increased slopes and final cover design for 3 hazardous waste landfills in Eastern Oregon; design re-lining system of leachate evaporation pond in eastern Oregon.

Permitted leachate land application and leachate re-introduction to landfill for Crook County landfill site near Prineville, Oregon.

Consultant for final closure and abandonment of sludge ponds and adjacent landfill for Weyerhaeuser paper mill shut-down in southern Oregon (2004).

Design engineer for floating cover system over 1.2 acre leachate pond (2004) at Coffin Butte landfill.

Design engineer for projects for 2004: 1) new 10-acre composite lined landfill in Missoula, MT; 2) new 5-acre cell, 4-acres closure, and 5-million gallon leachate pond design for regional landfill near Corvallis, OR (also construction certifying engineer for thos projects); 20-acre landfill cell near Roosevelt, WA in 2004.

Design and construction certifying engineer for 10 acre composite liner landfill expansion for Crook County near Prineville, Oregon (2003).

Certifying CQA Engineer-of-Record for 20 acre landfill cells Module 9A (2002), and Module 9B/10 (2003), Module 11 (2005), and Module 12 (2007) using single-composite GCL in Arlington, Oregon (2003).

Certifying CQA Engineer-of-Record for 6-acre hazardous waste landfill closure in Arlington, Oregon.

Design and construction certifying engineering for closure of Pope & Talbot woodwaste landfill near Oakridge, OR (project split between 2001 and 2003).

Design peer review and construction certifying engineer for Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Puente Hills Phase 5 liner system. This is a 20- acre expansion consisted mostly of 1.5:1 slopes and narrow benches, having an encapsulated GCL liner design, and was a $7.5 million construction project in 2003.

Design and construction certifying engineer for 3.5 acre double-lined landfill cell at Coffin Butte landfill near Corvallis, OR (2003).

Operational and design consultation and guidance for Lane County, Oregon solid waste division (2003 and ongoing).

Design and construction certifying engineer for 20-acre composite landfill liner and 3-acre double-lined ash monofill cell for Regional Disposal Corp near Roosevelt, WA (2003).

Design and construction certifying engineer for 10-acre composite liner for pulp & paper landfill forWeyerhaeuser landfill near Longview, WA (2003).

Provided expert consulting and sealed calculations regarding slope stability for double-liner landfill expansion utilizing encapsulated GundSeal for Brunner landfill site near Zelionople, PA (2002).

Design Engineer and Certifying Construction Engineer for 9-acre landfill closure at the Weyerhaeuser Regional Landfill in western Washington (construction 2002).

Certifying CQA Engineer-of-Record for 6-acre double-lined ash monofill utilizing encapsulated GCL and electric leak detection in Marion County, Oregon (summer 2002).

Design Engineer and Certifying Construction Engineer for 20-acre composite landfill liner expansion at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in eastern Washington (Area 10 – 2002).

Certifying CQA Engineer-of-Record for 4-acre landfill Phase IV Cell 2 expansion in The Dalles, OR using GCL composite liner (summer 2002).

Reviewed closure and post-closure costs for Short Mountain Landfill in Lane County, OR, June, 2001.

On-going peer-review services for confidential engineering firms in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Certifying engineer-of-record for 2001 closure construction of two MSW landfill sites in Lassen Co., CA.

Design and construction engineer for repair of leaking pond liner in Classical Chinese Garden, Portland, OR.

Design Engineer and Certifying Construction Engineer for 20-acre composite landfill liner expansion, and double-lined ash monofill, at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in eastern Washington (Area 9 and Ash Stage F1 – summer/fall 2001).

Lead author of Gundseal Design Manual, which is the most comprehensive design guide in the industry for designing with GCL liners. (publication September 2001). Co-authors include Dr. Dave Daniel, Mr. Richard Erickson, Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, and Dr. J.P. Giroud.

Geosynthetics design expert and engineer-of-record to perform hydraulic and slope stability calculations to achieve design approval for alternative GCL double-liner system for two landfills in Pennsylvannia (2001).

Geosynthetics design expert to achieve alternate GCL liner design approval for Marion County, Oregon ash monofill (2001).

Hired as geosynthetic expert subconsultant to design exposed geomembrane cover for two Yolo County experimental bioreactor cells.

Certifying CQA Engineer-of-Record for 5-acre landfill Phase IV Cell 1 expansion in The Dalles, OR using GCL composite liner, including 3 acres double-lined with leak detection that was verified using electric leak location techniques (completed July 2001).

Geosynthetics expert guidance providing design for slope stability analyses, material specifications, and directing construction materials acceptance testing for the Dry Creek Landfill Cell 3 construction in southern Oregon.

Expert called in for dispute resolution regarding multi-million square foot cover installation for site remediation. Issues involved geomembrane wrinkle management and allowable defects.

Design Engineer and Certifying Construction Engineer for 4-acre composite landfill liner expansion at the Weyerhaeuser Regional Landfill in western Washington (Cell 2B – 2000).

Design Engineer and Certifying Construction Engineer for 20-acre composite landfill liner expansion at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in eastern Washington (Area 8 – 2000).

CQA Engineer of Record for clay-composite landfill liner expansion at the Wasco Landfill in The Dalles, OR (Phase IIIC – 1999).

CQA Engineer of Record for 15-acre composite landfill liner expansion at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in eastern Washington (Area 7 – 1999).

Engineer and CQA officer for new 8-acre, triple-lined landfill cell at the Coffin Butte regional landfill. The new cell, constructed in 1999, includes a unique temporary sump, custom-specified geomembranes for slope stability, and a double-nonwoven GCL.

Project manager for public recycling facility at the Gaffin Road transfer station in east Salem, OR. Project includes 9-foot high geosynthetic reinforced soil retaining wall for public tipping.

Provided expert peer review for final closure design and construction of the Cowlitz County landfill in southwestern Washington.

Project manager for selection, procurement, permitting, and installation of state-of-the-art direct-osmosis leachate management system at the Coffin Butte landfill. This multi-million dollar project began in 1995 with a review of over 20 leachate treatment options, followed by 4 field-scale pilot plant studies. Final project included an 8,000 sq.ft. building underlain by a liner and leak detection system, 4-million gallon double-lined surge pond, and first-of-its-kind inflatable cover over the surge pond to keep out rain water.

Expert witness for two confidential projects involving failures associated geomembrane liners (1998 and 1999).

Prepared design and construction documents, coordinated permitting, and was CQA Engineer of Record in 1997 for a new 3-acre double-lined landfill cell at Coffin Butte landfill.

Managed fast-track permitting, design, construction, and CQA of leachate pond embankment raise in 1996 with a composite liner at the Coffin Butte landfill.

Prepared design and construction documents, coordinated permitting, and was construction quality assurance engineer in 1996 for a 13-acre geomembrane closure at Coffin Butte landfill.

Provided expert peer review for geosynthetic composite liner design and stability for a large canyon landfill incorporating 1.5:1 side slopes over 100 feet high in Ventura County, CA (Toland Road).

Managed an audit of a new geomembrane manufacturing line for two major national solid waste companies.

Prepared pro-forma economic analysis for consideration of a new landfill for Waste Control Systems, Inc. in western Oregon.

Consulting, engineering, and CQA services to Weyerhaeuser Corporation regarding landfill design and operations for their Headquarters solid waste facility in Washington.

Evaluated closure options for Weyerhaeuser North Bend landfill in Oregon.

Prepared pro-forma economic analysis for consideration of a new landfill for Weyerhaeuser in North Bend, Oregon. Prepared new landfill design and permit application package for the DEQ, and was Engineer-of-Record during construction of the first 3-acre Cell 3A in 1997, and the second 3-acre Cell 3B in 1999.

Provided expert subconsultant services for liner and underdrain design at the BFI Keller Canyon facility in California.

Geosynthetics and slope stability subconsultant to EMCON for the City of Willits landfill closure design. Design involved innovative PVC/geotextile composite covered by exposed coarse rock on slopes as steep as 2:1. Special design precautions were developed agaomst the effect of gas pressures on the slope stability.

Expert consultant and witness related to large-scale landfill cover slope stability failure in the Midwest. Responsibilities include determination of cause of failure, and proposing and reviewing remedial solutions. The client is confidential.

Prepared rock quarry master plan and reclamation permitting for S2F Corporation of Albany, OR. The rock quarry end use is anticipated to be a landfill.

Provided peer review and economic evaluation of landfill design for Rogue Waste Systems, Inc. in southern Oregon.

Provided expert peer review of landfill designs for regional Minnesota engineering firm (Wenck Associates).

Provided expert peer review services for United Waste Systems, Inc. Peer reviews were primarily related to five different landfill cover and bottom liner designs prepared by other consultants.

Provided expert technical and economic evaluation of numerous alternative liner designs for large Bay Area canyon landfill (BFI Corinda Los Trancos), especially with regard to GCLs, in lieu of the prescriptive compacted clay composite. Work involved orchestrating product development and testing for several manufacturers.

Project manager for new cell design for Chiquita Canyon Landfill near Los Angeles, CA. Project involved construction plans, specifications, and construction quality assurance manual. This was one of the first projects in California to use a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) in the full base liner as a Subtitle D alternative.

Client director for several Sanifill projects over an 18-month period for two landfills in Oregon (Hillsboro and Northern Wasco). Directed activities related to permitting, final design, and construction. Projects included land use (support role) and wetlands permitting (support role), new cell permitting, two new cell designs, final cover design, operations plans, and CQA.

Project manager for the siting, permitting, design, and construction of a large complex pulp sludge and inert waste landfill and infrastructure for the Weyerhaeuser Company in southwest Washington. The project was complex, requiring more than 20 permits and 4 years to complete. Significant features included: a comprehensive siting study that evaluated over 35 sites in a 30 mile radius; public opposition issues; highly variable volcanic soil conditions; a complex groundwater regime; the need for a rail facility for waste unloading and leachate loading; a 3-acre double-lined leachate lagoon; a 320-acre composite lined landfill with a complete underdrain system and innovative geomembrane specifications; large storm water control structures; 10 acres of created wetlands; new off-channel fish ponds; and a stream relocation with the creation of 1,500 feet of fish channel habitat. The landfill will be constructed in 2-year cells and have a life ranging from 30 to 50 years. The planned capacity is 50 million cubic yards. Served as full-time construction resident engineer for $10 million construction project that included the first 18 acre cell and landfill infrastructure at the site.

Designer and peer reviewer for composite liner and subdrain system construction drawings and specifications for Ox Mountain Landfill near San Francisco, CA. Project elements included designing amended soil, geomembrane composite liner on 2:1 slopes, and underdrain system for side-slope seeps.

Project advisor for GCL liner design for Kiefer Landfill (two consecutive years of construction).

Project manager and lead engineer for unique landfill closure for Louisiana Pacific. Design for this Ukiah, CA site converted closed landfill into a vineyard. Technical justification was provided by a closed-loop groundwater interception pond and slurry wall where the groundwater was used for vineyard irrigation during the summer.

Project manager and Engineer of Record for design and construction of 37 acre landfill closure for Cowlitz County, WA. Project utilized first of its kind 60-mil very low density polyethylene geomembrane with a co extruded 6-mil white veneer.

Lead project engineer for the design of the Columbia Ridge Regional Landfill and Leachate Evaporation Pond near Arlington, OR. Evaluated geotechnical resources and stability; designed the landfill composite liner and leachate evaporation pond; prepared the engineers cost estimate; and supervised project geotechnicians, project specifications, and site permitting. Also conducted field test fills and authored design reports.

Engineering task manager for the design and construction of an 8 acre partial landfill closure for the Coffin Butte Regional Landfill near Corvallis, OR.

Project manager for evaluation of postclosure monitoring and maintenance program for a closed 15-acre landfill in Yamhill County, OR. Issues included landfill gas, cover vegetation, side slope seeps, storm water control, and ground and surface water monitoring.

Client director for final design of 10-acre composite landfill liner and 3-acre double-lined leachate lagoon for Coffin Butte Regional Landfill.

Provided design review for 190-acre St. Johns Landfill cover reclamation plan in Portland, OR. Work involved evaluating impacts of proposed vegetation on the cover design. Design suggestions were made that saved METRO about $2.5 million in construction costs.

Lead project engineer for permitting design drawings for two major hazardous waste landfills in central California. Designs included double composite base liners, a leachate collection and removal system, leak detection systems, and composite-cover lining systems.

Prepared permit engineering drawings for three 1-acre hazardous waste surface impoundments for Chemical Waste Management in central California. Featured a triple-lining system consisting of bottom and top composite liners with an intermediate synthetic liner.

Project manager for economic evaluation, preliminary design, and permitting for a new county landfill in Clatsop County, Oregon. Work included projecting tipping rates over a 20-year period. Design includes an innovative liner system that set an alternate regulatory standard in western Oregon.

Project manager for feasibility evaluation of a single-purpose composite-lined landfill to take wastes from a magazine recycling paper mill in western-central Oregon. Prepared preliminary design alternatives and life-cycle cost estimates spanning the entire project, from permitting through postclosure care.

Project manager for landfill development, operations, and closure plans for Coos County, Oregon ash monofill.

Project manager for structural design of a 3,000-square-foot transfer station near Raymond, WA. Designed 18-foot-high concrete retaining wall, slabs, drains, and coordinated metal building procurement.

Project manager for geotechnical evaluation of 16 miles of existing private railroad. Work included assessing drainage, slope stability, and landslides.

Engineer of Record for construction certification of an 8-acre composite liner landfill expansion for the Cowlitz County Landfill in Washington.

Resident engineer during construction of the $2 million Module 1 landfill composite liner and leachate evaporation pond at the Columbia Ridge Regional Landfill.

Geotechnical engineer for evaluation of stability and settlement considerations for vertical expansion of a 25-acre landfill built over 200 feet of unconsolidated, saturated marine sediments. Work included managing a field testing program including cone penetrometers, field vane shear testing, and extensive sampling for laboratory testing.

Project manager for the design of a municipal solid waste compost storage facility liner for the Portland, Oregon, Metropolitan Service District.

Geotechnical engineer responsible for providing foundation and retaining wall design parameters for Metro Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Oregon City, Oregon.

Lead project engineer for a process and surface water management system design at the Bohemia Lumber Company in Grass Valley, California. Included a double-lined surface impoundment, run-on control, a concrete diversion pipeline, and discharge alternatives.

Lead geotechnical engineer for a landfill investigation at Clover Flat Landfill in Napa County, California. Included field reconnaissance, rock core drilling, and laboratory testing. Performed rock slope stability analyses and assessed various liner design and construction alternatives.

Lead project engineer for the design of a synthetic-lined surface impoundment for San Diego Gas and Electric Company. Project completed using computer-aided drafting and design tools.

Evaluation of cyclone efficiency for tailings sand separation at Chino mines in New Mexico.

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