Legal Expertise

Expert forensic engineer for Plaintiff in failure of 8 acres of landfill cover that occurred during construction in state of Michigan. Provided expert opinion and forensic engineering analyses. (1995)

Expert for Plaintiff in mediation of failed secondary liner below chrome plating plant in Pacific Northwest. Documents review and one day of mediation. (1998)

Expert for Defendant mediation of failed potable water reservoir liner in Reno area. Documents review, written expert opinion, and one day of mediation. (2003)

Percipient witness for Defendant in a cover slide on geosynthetics during construction. One day deposition. (2003)

Expert for Defendant preparation of litigation for failed wastewater treatment pond liner in South Carolina. Documents review and full-day deposition. (2004)

Expert for Defendant in mediation and preparation of litigation for claim of unsatisfactory cover design for landfill. Claim was that cover did not meet seismic stability standard. Performed documents review, engineering analyses and expert report, participated in one day of mediation, and one day of deposition. (2004-05)

Expert for Defendant (contractor) in failed waste-water pond liner for winery. One day deposition. (2006)

Expert for Plaintiff in landfill soil cover slide in west-central California. Provided letter of expert opinion. (2008)

Expert for Plaintiff in earthwork construction for dairy pond; fee dispute in Central CA. Work involved review and mediation assistance. (2008)

Expert for Defendant (contractor) of failed landfill liner slope in Montana. Work involved mediation of dispute and resolution through expert review of design and testing, and expert opinion. (2008)

Florida landfill permitting. Provided courtroom expert testimony for Defendant regarding landfill stability for permit expansion application. (2010)

City in Idaho wastewater treatment plant– provided expert review and opinion for Plaintiff related to failed wastewater treatment liner system. (2010-11)

Expert for Defendant (engineer) regarding disputed standard of care regarding soil reclamation from C&D site in western state. Work involved field investigation, development of expert opinions, and preparation for deposition. (2010-12)

Expert for Defendant (manufacturer) regarding manufacturing quality of PVC geomembrane (2016).